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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  February 10, 2024 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> a venezuelan migrant facing charges after shooting in times a square the lefty tourist injured in a robbery gone wrong.
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here we go. >> cb cotton is live with the very latest. >> reporter: this is how you would expect to see times square, tourists shopping, out to eat but at some point this area became a crime scene during a botched robbery next to me. jesus alejandra figaro is being taken into custody 20 miles north of new york city friday afternoon. you can hear her mother sobbing in the background, facing multiple charges to include 2 counts of attempted murder and two because of criminal possession of a weapon. the teen came from venezuela six months ago and saying a migrant shelter when he robbed the sporting goods store thursday evening and fired at a
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security guard and police officers who tried to stop him. >> a pause around the city. no regard for uniformed police or anyone in the area. >> reporter: and two weeks, new york city has seen two high profile incidents involving migrants and the police. a total of seven migrant men were indicted for their alleged roles during the assault on two new york city officers. body camera footage shows the chaos as an officer wrestled the only suspects currently in custody to the ground. [shouting] >> reporter: mayor eric adams said the body camera footage does not represent the 170,000
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migrants who arrived since spring of 2,022. the situation igniting a political firestorm, the district attorney's officers it is looking for other suspects during the assault on those officers. aishah: thank you for your report. griff: denver area recreation centers will cut back hours due to strain on the city's budgets from the migrant crisis according to democratic mayor mike johnson. he said they will save $5 million this year. listen. >> this is a plan for what good people do in hard situations. we want to be a city that does not have women and children out on the street in tents in 20 degree weather and provide are constituents with the services they deserve and services they expect. griff: 3500 migrants are sheltering hotels and other spaces.
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aishah: texas is seeing a sharp fall in the flow of migrants concentrating in arizona and california. casey steagall is on the ground in eagle pass to explain what is happening. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott made a stop in eagle pass thursday, accompanied by 20 state lawmakers touting the success of operation lone star, the border and security mission, a mission with $10 billion price tag. the governor saying texas will continue to take matters into his own hands until the biden administration or congress takes steps to slow the migrant
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surge. abbott says they're working on a plan to add more national guard troops in and around eagle pass and other busy crossing spots as well as putting additional miles of razor wire and no climb barriers. specifics when or where that happens, all the deterrence put into place in the lone star state are working get. adding fewer migrants were illegally crossing in spots that were fortified in the state. >> texas represents two thirds of the border, we represent only 30% of the crossings. the lead crossing areas are california, arizona and new mexico the represent 70% of the crossings. >> reporter: look at this new video from the drone yesterday, a small migrant group, some
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with younger children trying to cross the rio grande river but national guard boats quickly intercepted them telling them to turn around which they did and went back to the mexico side. the cvp source tells fox that since the start of fiscal year 2024 which began october 1st, more than one million migrant encounters have already been logged at the southern border, that's the earliest this milestone has ever bridged. aishah: thanks. griff: as illegal migration shifts west, cities in california and arizona are struggling to manage the influx. as city in california's san diego county, thank you for joining us. i'm hearing so much from border patrol sources.
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you heard from brandon judd in the last hour about the surge that happening particularly in the san diego county area. have you seen this up close and personal. i saw a report that they had apprehensions from 73 countries in a 1-week span. >> we've seen 4,000 people from china, 100,000 come across the border unvented. what is happening is texas and arizona tightened their grip, try to keep the border secure. migrants flow to the area of east - least resistance. cartels are smart and sophisticated and they know when one area tightens up you shift to the other area and they can get for ruan california has no interest in stopping migration.
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griff: is a sanctuary city? as we look at what's happening in new york, migrants beating the cop, acting ice director, sat down, those migrants and the body camera footage beating the cops, had new york not been a sanctuary city, what is your situation out there? >> we've never been a sanctuary city but unfortunately we are one of the few conservative cities, those cities call themselves sanctuary cities. what you are seeing in new york is a fear of what happens all over the country, it will escalate with every month that passes. no matter what the federal government wants to tell us,
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there are a lot of people coming over and we have no idea who they are. stands to reason many will be criminals. i was at the border a few weeks ago and came across an encampment by chinese migrants. what bothered me is no women or children in this group. are younger men. why are they here? griff: my own border patrol sources tell me there are concerns and there have been briefings from cvp officials to lawmakers at least on the house side in the past year warning, with so many chinese migrants particularly those men that could have potential ties for the communist party, and the
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acting director told me these sanctuary cities were more dangerous. listen here. >> sanctuary jurisdictions, letting these individuals out who have serious convictions at times, national security threats. it's a concern. i'm baffled by it. >> reporter: he went on to say the migrant communities are at greatest risk. when these individuals are released, they returned to the communities of which you have a lot of migrants and many won't call the police because they are not here legally. >> it's perfect for migrants to be preyed upon by other migrants who are more criminal in nature. they were preyed upon the
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entire way coming through central america and mexico to get to the border. rape is a common thing, assault and murder is a common thing. they are in america and still don't have protection because they are not allowed to call the police like other americans would, because they are going to be murdered if they try to do it like that. an amazing situation. griff: yesterday, reporting on the somali terrorist, running free after given a false name. ice was able to get him a year later after he had given his real name to get government benefits and triggered the terror watch list. hats off to them, 48 hours, but my question to you is how concerned are you that we will see something like a terrorist attack if things are not brought under control at the
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border? >> i don't think concern begins to cover it. any thinking person realize the threat is already here. it's not in the future. the people who are going to do us harm are already here, question is how much time? how significant and organized is it going to be? this is an unbelievable invasion of people that many of them wish us harm from countries around the world that are more stoked in their anger and hatred for america and you have to ask, individually or structures from their governments to cause more mayhem and what we will see is a combination of both. griff: thank you for your time. aishah: in a saturday session the senate is trying to take off an international aid package with a test vote happening tomorrow, we are waiting to find out if that will go on.
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chuck schumer told senators to expect it tomorrow. we will bring the latest as we get them and claudia tenney will tell us if it has any chance in the house. griff: president biden spending the weekend in delaware after administration officials including vice president kamala harris spent yesterday criticizing the special counsel report that characterized president biden as an elderly man with a poor memory. lucas tomlinson live in the white house with more. >> reporter: the white house isn't criticizing everything, namely its conclusion which sparked this question in the briefing room yesterday. >> you claim much of the report is inaccurate so why are you so confident that the conclusion is correct? >> the conclusion has been obvious from the beginning. it was a long, intensive,
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meandering investigation that came to the conclusion in february of last year everybody knew this wasn't intentional. >> reporter: frustrations growing over biden's attorney general who picked the trump appointed attorney to run the investigation to biden's handling of classified material. politico reporting biden told aids that merrick garland didn't do enough to rein in the report stating the president had diminished mental capacity. 70% of americans think the president is too old to be commander-in-chief warning to recent polling. the president defendant himself during cross-examination with peter doocy. >> president biden: well-meaning elderly man and i know what i am doing. i'm the president and i put the country back on its feet. >> can you continue as president? >> president biden: my memory is so bad i let you speak. >> reporter: some democrats pick up his mistake letting the president go out to face the
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public, hours after the report was made public. >> didn't have the impact they wanted. he showed some vigor which was probably good, there was some edge that may have helped him but on the whole the thing was not good. >> reporter: wall street journal reports there won't be any major strategy shift. we will continue on course and speed. aishah: let's go to republican congresswoman from new york and member of the ways and means committee, claudia tenney. i want to start you are making some headlines with your letter to ag garland calling on him to explore the 25th amendment which looks into whether someone needs to be removed from office. what's interesting in this letter that i read is i think
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what you are doing is forcing ag garland to make a choice. president biden needs to be charged or he needs to be removed. there is no middle ground. a lot of americans looking at this feel that is what they did, they went down the middle road which there isn't much of. it is less about the 25th amendment and more about putting garland between a rock and a hard place. >> they are trying to have your cake and eat it too, you can't split the baby, they want to not prosecute president biden even though the special counsel states explicitly that he violated, mishandled classified information which is a felony and did it for decades and didn't have the immunities when this was going on but we won't charge him because he's an elderly man who is forgetful. that is not a reason not to charge. that's abusive process or
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malicious prosecution or failure to prosecute and say we will prosecute donald trump because although he has mental acuity we don't like his personality. you have to make a binary choice and it was cute to make this argument but you can't do both and if president biden is mentally incapable of standing trial or facing a jury of his peers, he certainly is not capable of being the president of the united states and scarier, being the commander-in-chief and head of our armed services worker could decisions are needed and a guy follows him around with the nuclear football and you see a lot of mistakes have been made on foreign policy and the president is not capable of doing this. i don't see how you either charge him or bring 20 for the amendment charges and that is why i sent the letter to merrick garland who is a member of the cabinet. the 25th amendment provides
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that cabinet members make the decision and the majority can decide the president does not have -- the president can actually object to that. aishah: it got his attention at the least. is it time to bring robert bird into capitol hill to testify? have you heard anything from chairman jim jordan? >> definitely. that has got to happen. it would be interesting to hear and see the evidence as presented, not just transcripts that were presented in the comprehensive report. it would be interesting to find out if you ask on the record do you think president biden can make critical decisions as the president and i would argue the most important job in the world, critical at this point as we see so many problems across the country and across the world, wars raging in the
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middle east, problems by putin against people in ukraine and europe. aishah: $95 billion foreign aid package that slowly moving through the senate right now. seems like it's going to pass but it will take a while. what chance does it have of hitting the house floor. speaker johnson hasn't closed the door on it but not a very good week this week in terms of passing his own israel aid package. what are the chances he brings it to the 4? >> there's a problem because one of the things republican stated emphatically as the border is a critical issue, it is a problem created by president biden in reversing remain in mexico the catch and release policy hate and acted reversing the good policies donald trump had in place, he
10:20 am
owns this catastrophe at the border. it's causing a major security crisis for americans and economic crisis. i had a border security press conference in niagara county on the border of new york where we had a customs and border agent telling us we had a 400% increase and people on the foreign terror watch list coming across our border, this is a catastrophe that has to be solved first and we consider foreign aid and that is what the speaker is trying to way. aishah: do you think he should put this on the floor? >> the bill that schumer, majority leader schumer is putting on the floor as a test bill will be the same bill that would beyond the foreign the house and if it is, i'm guessing it is going to fail. aishah: enjoy your weekend. griff: the hunt is on for a suspect considered armed and
10:21 am
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griff: a manhunt underway for a
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suspect who killed one and leaving the other injured. the man is on the run and considered armed and dangerous. what can you tell us? >> reporter: tennessee bureau of investigation the hunt for the cop killer, 42-year-old kenneth de hart. he is armed and dangerous. this all happened thursday evening. the suspect is on the run, loudoun county sheriff's department say they stopped him for erratic driving. details of what happened after they pulled him over has not been released. the hard shot to deputies killing one. of 43-year-old father of two. the office was emotional at the press conference. >> so sorry.
10:26 am
not protecting him. get this man out of the streets. >> reporter: officers arrested his brother and girlfriend friday saying it would help the fugitive after the deadly shooting. authorities asking the public about security cameras to check with video or photos, they hope the reward money which is up to $80,000 encourages the public to come forward with any information. the second officer shot was shot in the leg, 22-year-old deputy shelby egger. she is expected to be okay. griff: give us more as you get them. aishah: special counsel reported to president biden's handling of classified documents that already change the 24 race. we will get into it with our experts next. complete nutrition you need...
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griff: the special counsel reports questioning biden's memory sparking reaction from donald trump and nikki haley. madeleine revere as much more. >> reporter: that report taking center stage on the campaign trail with two weeks before the south carolina primary. donald trump and nikki haley stopping in the palmetto state, nikki haley season that report is an opportunity to slam not only president biden's mental capacities but her former boss's too. >> i saw donald trump the other day and he went on and on mentioning nikki haley nikki haley nikki haley and talked about the fact that i didn't have security at the capital january 6th. turned out he got me confused with nancy pelosi. this goes back to the fact, look at president biden two years ago and look at him today.
10:32 am
why do we have to have some way narratings running for office? >> reporter: nikki haley is sending a roving billboard truck near trump's event in conway this afternoon featuring a video with clips of trump and biden in an attempt to drive home their message the rematch between two grumpy old men is something most americans don't want. it arcs trump's first time in south carolina. he has a lead behind haley's attacks. friday at an nra forum in pennsylvania he made his first public remarks about robert bird's report. the count against him in his classified documents case should be dropped because it didn't charge president biden. >> we have a sick and corrupt 2-tiered system of justice. do i know better than anybody? >> reporter: hirsch says there are differences between how the two leaders responded to their
10:33 am
probes with trump allegedly refusing to turn in materials and enlisting others to destroy evidence. griff: thanks. aishah: let's bring in our political panel, giano caldwell and former senator david carlucci am a great gentlemen to have with us today. thank you for being with us. to you first on this wild pr campaign, listen to this. >> totally political, completely gratuitous swipes about president biden's age. >> the comments made by that prosecutor, gratuitous, inaccurate, and inappropriate. >> they can see and understand when people are gratuitous, making comments they shouldn't make. >> reporter: i feel the same memo went out to use the word
10:34 am
gratuitous but is it really gratuitous when right after this report comes out, he goes to the podium and mrs. up again in terms of confusing cc with the president of mexico. what is happening here? >> once the political catnip starts to settle on the accusations of being elderly and forgetful on president biden, you heard these surrogates talking about the job of the special prosecutor was to go in and see, is there, all charges that exist here. it was clear they do not exist. the damage will be on donald trump. if you look at the report it says donald trump did the opposite. he guided people to destroy evidence, to move document and to lie about it. that's damaging. once the dust settles on this political catnip.
10:35 am
that legacy will be on donald trump. >> there were mistruths the president talked about. there were things the president said that weren't true, where documents were held, that wasn't true. pictures tell the story. >> not enough. >> i hear david saying political catnip. i would' ve for gets his facts off the back of a cereal box, this is something most democrats, republicans and independents, damaging to president biden's presidency, the fact that he isn't going to prosecute because he's elderly and forgetful does bring about the question, should he be commander in chief knowing the scenario we are in, the multiple issues that impact
10:36 am
national security. president biden is a national security threat, something democrats are making the claim that donald trump is also forgetful, more so than president biden. if that's the case, why are you prosecuting him for a similar classified document case? why not drop it and call them both forgetful. it's damaging and something that will impact his candidacy. >> reporter: democrats are worried about this and this is reporting to the washington post, here on fire, one democratic operative friday morning who, like some others, spoke on condition of anonymity to sharon assessment worse than i thought it would be. many donors have real concerns how biden's age will impact his electability and say they wish he was not the party's nominee.
10:37 am
what do you make of that? >> we wish for the stronger, better looking candidate who can remember everything but the damage is the mission to say are there criminal charges that exist? that's the job. there is no criminal charges for president biden but we will throw some potshots talking about he didn't remember when his son died, totally inappropriate. it is not about memory. aishah: he is using that to make the argument why he's not prosecuting. >> he makes it clear we won't prosecute because we can talk about the mental acuity and judge that. trump is making claims all the time that are not factually accurate.
10:38 am
intent to mislead government officials, which trump is being charged with. they said trump guided people to move document, destroy them and lie about it. this is very serious. this, he could be criminally liable. when we look at the polls we see trump a little bit ahead right now. we are a long way off from the election. we know if trump is charged, his polls will drop. when we look past this low blow cheap shot at the president and look at what he is being guided to do, the criminal liability is on trump. that's damaging. aishah: nikki haley is out there taking shots at the former president saying they are 80 years old on both have issues. giano:something i don't think
10:39 am
david grasps this isn't about the 24 election, not about donald trump. it's about president biden and the fact that he is our commander in chief. that commander in chief doesn't have the competency according to this report to be a cashier at popeye's. that's a difficult job to do. you have to remember things. if you can't remember things like when he was vice president of the united states of america, why the heck is he president now? they need to consider invoking the 20 fifth amendment. his cabinet should take it seriously. democrats should take it very seriously. again, forget donald trump, forget 2,024, this is about president biden, a man who cannot carry out his duties as commander in chief. i thought you could be dishonest talking points because they are running amok with them but we are in a crisis. anything could happen in the middle east, we have military
10:40 am
officials who have been murdered, because proxies iran is funding hezbollah, and economies that could be doing a lot better. we have real issues here at home. aishah: we've got to wrap it up. i have to say, people are looking at this, the nbc paul doesn't say a enough, there are concerns about the president's mental and physical health and whether he's equipped to be the president. >> those same concerns exist with trump but trump according to this report -- >> we got to wrap this up. aishah: all ran out of time. thank you. griff: president biden took the
10:41 am
controversial step of suspending us liquefied natural gas or lng. progressives and climate activist tail move but others see it as a political maneuver have the president will election. >> reporter: the administration hearing criticism in stereo from republicans. >> this decision defies common sense anyway you measure it. >> reporter: and from democrats. >> the white house is showing it is so concerned with climate activism it is willing to play politics with our energy security and that of our allies. >> reporter: joe manchin is often at odds with the president on energy policy. that's why he called the hearing. lawmakers claim it was a political ploy ahead of the election. >> they take their advice from a 25 you met climate activist on tiktok. >> reporter: other nations and un-american natural gas following the war in ukraine. >> if the united states doesn't
10:42 am
provide kothari's, and russians provide it. >> reporter: the administration energy official says europe shouldn't worry. >> i want to say clearly will not impact our ability to supply allies with lng. >> reporter: watson argued otherwise. >> no european governments welcome this decision. the european parliament does not welcome this decision. nor does the european council. >> reporter: senators suggest the administration tried to hide the export. >> reporter: >> one friday, always on a friday, january 26th, there's this pause. >> reporter: this could introduce volatility into the market to make it more expensive for people to heat their homes. on capitol hill, fox news. aishah: china helping aranda very loyal sanctions by
10:43 am
purchasing and importing more than $80 billion worth of oil since president biden took office, stark contrast to an donald trump was in the white house. more on how china is helping keep iran in the oil. >> reporter: expert say iran has money to fund these proxies even those who should american blood because they sidestepped us sanctions in the us isn't doing anything to stop it. >> this is intended to dry up oil revenue like those who killed soldiers in jordan but china undermined sanctions, using 150 small and semi-independent teapot refineries. >> the strategy of oil sanctions, forcing those oil sanctions against transport and shipping of those, and users --
10:44 am
>> reporter: from hamas to hezbollah the proxies have cash and weapons. >> it was a direct result of three years of policy towards turnaround. >> reporter: during the trump administration dwindled to $200,000 a day. the us ended sanctions exemptions intending to illuminate irani and exports entirely. >> how long we remain their depends solely on the islamic republic of iran's senior leaders. >> reporter: irani and exports peaked 2 million barrels a day. >> we've seen a renaissance in the irani and oil industry, we've seen their numbers go up dramatically, producing the most amount of oil. >> it has no proxies.
10:45 am
it is a more stable place. >> reporter: the supply could negatively impact the price of oil during an election cycle. experts counter that by tapping in to us to mystic oil supply. aishah: thank you. griff: they are counting down in las vegas until the city hosted first super bowl. we will take you there next. s . that's why you choose glucerna to help manage blood sugar response. uniquely designed with carbsteady. glucerna. bring on the day.
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10:50 am
>> reporter: the kansas city chiefs will win their second consecutive super bowl, the san francisco 49ers their sixth in history and it is a tier 1 national security event that gets extensive federal safety with local and state law enforcement. homeland security says it held bomb workshops, u.s. customs and border protection scanning vehicles and cargo. the sheriff of the town says vegas will handle the super bowl so well there will be more to come here in sin city. the super bowl generate $6 million and attract 300,000 people. as we talk to people in vegas there was chat about taylor swift and whether she will arrive after performing in tokyo today. are you hoping to catch a glimpse of taylor swift? >> there are sweets behind us.
10:51 am
>> taylor swift is the best football player. she is for the nfl. >> are you going to the game? >> no. i don't have the money. my husband cut me off. >> reporter: so much chatter about taylor swift in sin city and washington dc, the japanese embassy released a statement, saying taylor swift had time after performing in japan. she's on a jet flying here right now. aishah: i don't know much about football but i know enough about taylor swift. people are taking bets on what color lipstick she wears. we will see. matt feehan, thanks. griff: i think she will get the mvp award. giving love to the nation's troops and veterans this valentine's day. we will tell you next.
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we have got breaking news from capitol hill. wisconsin congressman mike gallagher, chairman of a select committee on china has just announced he will not seek reelection this november. this is a huge loss for house
10:56 am
republicans. in a statement he writes electoral politics was never supposed to be a career interest rate con congress is no place to grow old. with a heavy heart i have decided not to run for reelection. a major point to note here is that gallagher was one of three no votes on the impeachment vote in the house this week for dhs secretary mayorkas. his whole explanation was he did not want to open this up for political parties to use against each other to start impeaching cabinet members because it really had not been done before, for over 100 years. he was a no vote pretty got a lot of flak for that a lot of pushback and now he has decided he is not going to run for reelection. we do not know that anything to do with this decision or perhaps he had been thinking about it for a while because he joins a number of house republicans that have decided to call it quits after speaking kevin mccarthy was ousted back in october. >> and big news indeed a rising
10:57 am
sstart maybe it was a no vote that was maybe the tea leaves. >> did not want to deal with the pushback is going to get her growth good to be with you willm see of taylor swift shows upedvd that's up for us. fox news continues with molly and eric. by medicare for more people managing diabetes with insulin. visit there's nothing better than a subway series footlong. except when you add a new footlong sidekick. like the boss with the new footlong cookie. this might be my favorite sidekick ever. what? every epic footlong deserves the perfect sidekick.
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